Real estate investments: stable investments, prospects for growth

Customised, considered and responsible

Specialised in real estate investment, asset management and property management, the ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP continuously monitors and evaluates trends in the real estate market.

In order to offer our clients secure investments with potential for growth, our acquisitions throughout Germany focus on residential buildings in economically vibrant population centres. With their stable value and yield, rental properties are some of the most secure investments. That is why the ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP targets its investments in residential buildings and complexes adapted to privatisation in attractive locations across Germany.



Apartments as investments

Apartments are a preferred investment offering a high yield and strong growth potential.

According to current forecasts, the value of apartments and residential real estate is expected to grow over the long term and demand in the German residential market is predicted to remain strong in the future.

The ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP analyses trends in the residential market, conducts an inspection of the building and location, formulates individualised and optimised financing plans, and can therefore offer its clients attractive, secure real estate investments.



Apportionment and privatisation of residential portfolios

The ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP covers all the phases of privatisation, from the initial evaluation, to the entire apportionment and privatisation process, to the sale of the individual units to the current tenants.

Naturally, we keep the tenants informed of the upcoming privatisation. We advise them in face-to-face discussions, prepare the sales contracts and assist them in their search for adapted financing.

Even after the sale, we continue to provide them with assistance in the framework of our after-sales management.



Asset Management

As asset managers, we see our task as creating stable value for our clients.

The ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP achieves this through a strategic selection of properties and locations as well as forward-looking planning and careful risk assessments. This allows us to make full use of value creation potentials, secure our investors’ capital and satisfy the long-term yield expectations of both private and institutional investors.

Our goal: to continuously grow the value of the investment, from a property’s acquisition, financing and management to its eventual sale. Flexibility, process optimisation and cost optimisation are a matter of course at the ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP, as are targeted yield growth and personal advising under one roof.


We handle the following tasks

  • Inspection of the location and the property during the acquisition phase
  • Optimisation of the rental potential
  • Property and tenant management
  • Growing the yield through renovation of the building or unit, with an eye on both costs and a potential future privatisation
  • Development of sales strategies and marketing
  • Attracting institutional and private investors

Property Management

Carefully secure and grow the value of your properties with professional property management.

With its many years of experience, the ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP offers its clients a sure hand to take on the operative and organizational management of their estate. Based on carefully considered strategies and targeted measures, we ensure an optimal ratio of returns to cost, sustainable yields and value growth.

The ALPHA-REAL-ESTATE GROUP provides both private and institutional clients with tenant and owners’ association management and helps them in their dealings with tenants and owners, as well as developing individual property strategies based on current market trends.



Financial property management

  • Optimisation of rental contracts
  • Conclusion and termination of rental contracts
  • Rental accountin
  • Dunning of tenants
  • Correspondence with tenants, owners and authorities
  • Calculation of operating costs
  • Verification and execution of rental contracts
  • Drafting of budgets
  • Calculation of common charges
  • Holding general assemblies of owners

Technical property management

  • ensuring the property’s proper operation and exploitation
  • monitoring all maintenance, cleaning and other service contracts required for the proper exploitation of the property
  • planning and monitoring of rehabilitation and modification works
  • maintenance and renovation
  • making calls for bids and selecting contractors for building works
  • controlling the quality of works